AbbVie's Campoverde facility is is located approximately 22 miles south of Rome, Italy. The 270,180 mfacility has both chemical and pharmaceutical capabilities, with on-site biological treatment plant and solvent recovery capabilities. Our Italian operations team has received numerous awards for quality products and services, along with environmental health and safety. This is one of our several AbbVie facilities around the world that supports active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing and finishing of drug products. 


AbbVie’s Italy contract drug manufacturing facility is comprised of three integrated divisions – two for active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing and one for the formulation and finishing of drug products, including liquid dosage. The Italy facility has specific expertise in a variety of drug formulation processes, including massing, drying, and compressing granulation, as well as bulk API manufacturing. Combined, Campoverde’s chemical and pharmaceutical operations serve more than 60 countries.

AbbVie is committed to meeting and exceeding all environmental policies upheld in Italy and around the world. Contract drug manufacturing is also performed with sustainable resource practices in all of our facilities.

AbbVie's has a network of manufacturing facilities around the world to support your project and project needs.  See AbbVie's other locations for additional manufacturing site information and technical expertise.  


AbbVie’s Campoverde facility offers specialized services for the bulk manufacturing of APIs and the finishing of drug products. Our continuous processing capabilities provide a more economical manufacturing pathway for poorly-soluble or potent APIs. With focused technology and personnel, our leading team of Italian pharmaceutical manufacturers can also offer abuse deterrence, taste masking, and solvent-free formulations.

AbbVie’s Italy contract drug manufacturing expertise:

  • Bulk API
  • Tablet Coating
  • Massing Granulation (High Shear)
  • Massing Granulation (Single Pot)
  • Drying Granulation (Fluid Bed)
  • Compressing Granulation (Roller Compactor)
  • Direct Compression (Dry Blend)
  • Liquids
  • Syrups / Suspensions
  • Blisters
  • Blister Foils / Foil
  • Bottles
  • Sachets / Sticks

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AbbVie maintains a range of regional and global regulatory standards to meet guidelines enforced in your country of origin, and those of your intended markets. The Campoverde site has earned certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 and DUNI 10167, as well as FDA and EMEA compliance.