AbbVie Contract Manufacturing Wins Life Science Leader CMO Awards for the Sixth Straight Year

March 22, 2018

AbbVie Contract Manufacturing has for the sixth straight year received Life Science Leader CMO Awards in all core awards categories; for 2017, the magazine recognized leading CMOs for excellence in Quality, Reliability, Capabilities, Expertise, Compatibility, and Service.

Jeff Tremain, Bus Dev Sales Manager, Michelle Calhoun, Dir Sales and Marketing, Ania VanDyke, Bus Dev Sales Manager

AbbVie was also recognized again with Specialty Awards in the categories of Accessible Senior Management, Innovation, On-time, Right First Time, State-of-the-Art, and Strength of Science.

Life Science Leader and its independent research partner, Industry Standard Research (ISR), evaluated 110 CMOs in 23 categories based on sponsor company opinions provided via survey. Sponsors may only review CMOs they have outsourced to in the preceding 18 months. ISR collects and analyzes feedback, as well as conducts primary research, to select award recipients.

“I am incredibly proud that AbbVie is consistently recognized by Life Science Leader as a top contract manufacturer for our quality, service, expertise, and reliability, as well as our compatibility and capabilities,” says Azita Saleki-Gerhardt, Ph.D., President, AbbVie Operations. “We are committed to making a remarkable impact on more than 30 million patients around the world, and it shows. As part of the work we do every day, we ensure the highest quality support and services for our partners. These awards demonstrate the consistency necessary for great customer service and quality results. Patients and our partners are counting on us, and we know we can’t let them down.”

For more than 35 years, AbbVie has provided CMO services for biologics, potent drugs, drug products, fermentation, prefilled syringes, hot melt extrusion, and APIs.

Louis Garguilo, Life Science Leader Chief Editor and Conference Chair, Outsourced Pharma, says the awards celebrate “the highest level of accomplishment” attained by drug development and manufacturing organizations serving biotechnology and pharmaceutical partners.

The magazine has issued CMO Awards annually since 2011, and AbbVie has received recognition each year. Since 2015, AbbVie has received a CMO Award in every core category.

“This recognition is a testament to our culture of exceptional service for our customers and their patients,” says Keith Kentala, Vice President, AbbVie Commercial Development. “As a full-service CMO, we are able to build relationships that best meet the growing and evolving needs of our partners, as well as provide the technologies, equipment, and expertise they require.”