Sligo - Manorhamilton, Ireland (Small Molecule) Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

AbbVie's Sligo-Manorhamilton Road AbbVie’s Sligo facility is situated in northwest Ireland, approximately 130 miles (208 kilometers) from Dublin and shares a campus with AbbVie’s Sligo-Ballytivnan facility.  This facility is AbbVie’s center of excellence for high potent compounds within the AbbVie network as it was designed to handle up to OEB 5 compounds from it’s inception in 2003.  The site manufactures both high potent chemical API’s and high potent oral solid dose drug products.


Our highly qualified team specializes in potent API and oral drug products at this facility.

Chemical API Manufacturing

The site has multiple suites designed to manufacture small to medium size batches (1-250 kg).   The highest standards of containment are maintained to protect employees, the environment and our products including using isolator and downflow booth technologies handling high potent compounds.  Unit operations includes:

  • Glass lined reactors
  • Filter drying
  • Crystallization
  • Milling

Oral Drug Products

The Sligo-Manorhamilton Road facility is globally approved by regulators and has successfully launched new products worldwide.  The OSD manufacturing expertise at the site is also for high potent compounds and is across a variety of unit operations including.

  • High Shear Granulation and drying (single pot processor)
  • Dry Granulation via Roller Compactor
  • Tableting 
  • Encapsulation
  •  Coating

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