AbbVie is a proven biologics leader and CMO partner for over 25 years.   Consistently ranking among the top CMOs based upon client satisfaction, performance, and product delivery.



Speed with Precision

Expertise to deliver quantity and quality. 

World-Class Biologics Manufacturing:

With patients' lives on the line, biologics must be safe, reliable, and consistent. At AbbVie Contract Manufacturing, we understand that, with large molecule drugs, speed-to-market is imperative, but so are efficiency and cost containment. Achieving these high production goals depends largely on the quality of the cell line at the heart of the process, which is tied directly to the CMO partner you choose.

Biologics Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

We offer comprehensive biologics development and manufacturing services from some of the world’s most advanced production facilities, applying the most sophisticated equipment, technologies and processes to your project. 

  • Cell line development (MCB/WCB) 
  • Upstream/downstream process development, optimization and scale-up
  • Stability studies and analytical characterization
  • cGMP manufacturing
  • Regulatory guidance and support including filing and global marketing approval
  • Structured project management
  • Process justification/process validation

Cell Culture Manufacturing (Large Molecule)

In biologics manufacturing, success is measured largely by product reproducibility. Through sophisticated cell line development, cell culture manufacturing and quality control processes, we can help you overcome the complexity of large molecule manufacturing to deliver consistent drug performance. Let our excellent track record of biopharmaceutical process development set the foundation for a sustainable, reliable biologics program and ongoing supply of your drug product.

Analytical Services

  • HPLC (SEC, IEX, affinity, reverse phase)
  • Host cell protein
  • Electrophoresis (CE, IEF, SDS-PAGE)
  • Peptide structure determination (LC, MS)
  • Oligosaccharide analysis
  • DNA quantification (threshold)
  • DNA identification (PCR)
  • Spectrophotometry (FT-IR, UV VIS)
  • Bioburden / endotoxin

Client Services

  • Stability studies 
  • Regulatory filing expertise 
  • Project management and inventory planning 
  • Scale to accommodate multiple customers simultaneously 
  • Dedicated time slots for strategic partners 
  • Exceptional track record of achieving timelines 
  • History of facility expansion for growing demands

Integrated End-to-End Supply Chain

AbbVie is in a unique position to support your extended supply chain from drug substance to drug product. We also support all elements of antibody drug conjugations (ADCs) within a single quality, operational network as one of the industry’s leading ADC innovators. As a global pharmaceutical company, AbbVie provides extensive expertise and a unified quality and operational network.  Our company includes over 30,000 professionals at facilities around the world that can deliver solutions and reliable supply of a wide array of drug components at any phase of development up to and including commercial lifecycle management.

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