Worcester, MA, USA Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

The Worcester, Massachusetts site just west of Boston is AbbVie Bioresearch Center (ABC) and is AbbVie’s center of excellence. The site is an industry leading pharmaceutical campus capable of managing every biological need, from early clinical development to commercial launch and continued supply.


The site offers decades of commercial expertise and an experienced and dedicated workforce approaching 1,000 R&D and operations professionals. Many phase-appropriate services can be provided including process development, optimization, and analytical and process characterization prior to cGMP manufacture.

Mammalian manufacturing with 38,000L of capacity across six dedicated suites.

The AbbVie Bioresearch Center has an extensive regulatory record, launching and supplying many of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical products with distribution to over 150 countries world-wide.  The ABC team has the experience and expertise to help partners mitigate risk and anticipate potential challenges to ensure successful scale-up and commercial readiness.

AbbVie’s Worcester, MA, USA cGMP manufacturing expertise:

  • Multiple biologics including mAb, bispecific and fusion proteins

  • Antibody drug conjugations
  • Upstream and downstream development to commercial optimization

The AbbVie Difference

Biologics (Monoclonal Antibody) Production Process

ABC transfers in cell lines with a high success rate, scaling from 3L bioreactors to large stainless steel using a proven scale-down model.  Our purification expertise ensures the desired product quality is achieved for the program.  AbbVie has an extensive procurement network with the vision and expertise to manage some of the world's largest pharmaceuticals.    We can help plan your success, without the unforeseen challenges, delays and scope changes experienced with many other traditional CMOs.

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