Ophthalmology Services.  Eye Care Services

As a leading manufacturing outsourcing partner in eye care solutions, we provide all the necessary elements of delivering high-quality ophthalmic products for clinical and commercial needs.

We leverage our manufacturing experience combined with industry process knowledge and regulatory expertise that our partners count on.  

We support companies who develop new and cutting-edge eye care solutions with their outsourcing needs. We understand that our partners are focused on helping to preserve and protect their patient’s vision and improve their overall day-to-day care.

Our Solution

Utilizing our full "turnkey" manufacturing capabilities, many pharmaceutical product manufacturers have leveraged the high quality of service that Abbvie Contract Manufacturing provides to its global customers.

Whether you need standard or custom manufacturing support, outstanding performance and technical expertise are part of the partnership. All products receive the same attention to quality and consistency that we give to all our customers.

Contract Manufacturing Outsourcing

AbbVie offers quality, experience, reliability, and flexibility.

Our Waco facility capabilities

  • Unit Dose (UD)
    • 8 Filling Lines
  • Unit Dose (UD) Packaging
    • UD pack lines are fully automated packaging lines with serialization capability and automated case packaging.
    • Carton format lines currently qualified for count ranges between 30 and 100 counts. 
    • Foiled sealed tub format lines currently qualified for 30 and 60 count configurations.
    • Foil flow wrap lines capable of flow wrapping unit dose vials in packs of 5 or 10.  The flow wrapped material is placed in 30 or 60 count cartons.
  • Multi Dose (MD)
    • The 6 MD filling lines are fully automated aseptic filling lines capable of filling solutions, suspensions, and emulsions.
    • All lines fill MP500 series 5, 10, and 15mL bottles with fill ranges from 1 to 15mL.
    • Capable of filling 10mL Multi Dose Preservative Free formulations with use of the Aptar cap.
  • Multi Dose (MD) Packaging
    • MD pack lines are fully automated labeling, cartooning, bundling, and case packing with serialization capability.
    • All lines pack MP500 series 5, 10, and 15mL bottles.
    • Ability to apply labels directly from the line to allow for hand packaging into unique configurations.
    • Dual packs, placing 2 bottles in a single carton.
    • Capable of packaging MDPF bottles.
  • Plastics
    • Lines allow for Bottle, Tip and Cap
  • Medical Assembly
    • Ability to do both manual and automated packaging. 
  • Ointment
    • Ointment filling line is a fully automated aseptic filling line capable of filling ointments into 3.5 gram laminate tubes.

Our Product Inside. Your Brand Outside

Offer your customers world-class microsurgical instruments by partnering with AbbVie Contract Manufacturing to manufacture your product. AbbVie Contract Manufacturing provides the know-how and experience supported by trusted and proven processes and you provide the brand identity.

AbbVie Contract Manufacturing offers complete customization including:

  • Product Manufacturing Outsourcing
  • Packaging
  • Clinical Trials

Choosing Us as Your Partner

Using AbbVie Contract Manufacturing for your product offers has numerous advantages, including:

  • Reliable manufacturing
  • Outstanding quality track record
  • Technical expertise
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Exceptional flexibility to respond to your requirements