AbbVie Contract Manufacturing offers topical filling services in Waco, Texas. As a global pharmaceutical partner, we can provide high quality manufacturing of topical products for your clinical and commercial needs.



Our product. Your brand.

AbbVie CMO reduces the complexity of outsourcing topical drug products. With decades of experience, AbbVie can assist with integrated formulation development, tech transfer, scale-up, manufacturing, and packaging of liquid and semi-solid product—prescription, OTC, high-value health and beauty, and more.


Know-how when it matters most

Our state-of-the-art facilities supporting the full range of topical development and manufacturing needs and facilitating transition to clinical and commercial settings. Creams, lotions, gels or pastes, AbbVie offers quality, experience, reliability, and flexibility.


  • Blending from Low & High Viscosity Levels
  •  Raw Materials Selection & Qualification
  • Engineering and R&D Batches
  • Tech Transfer Services
  • Scale-Up Capabilities
  • Commercial Validations
  • Commercial Launches


  • Bottle Filling (Glass & Plastic)
  • Tube Filling (Metal & Plastic)
  • Gel and creams filling (Metal & Plastic)  
  • Jar Filling
  • Vapor & Spray Devices
  • Pouch / Sachet / Packet Filling
  • Saturated Towelettes & Swab Filling
  • Micro Filling
  • Customized Medical Device Applications
  • Child Resistant Packaging Support

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