Fill-finish syringe manufacturing is one of the last steps in pharmaceutical commercialization. The goal here is efficiency and sterility. Companies don’t want to waste any of their carefully developed product and they don’t want to distribute poor quality prefilled syringes or contaminated formulas. Once established, high syringe manufacturing standards must then be maintained throughout the drug’s life span, to deliver a reliable supply for patients.

With advanced fill-finish technology and a specialized facility in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico, AbbVie Contract Manufacturing performs this final development step with high-tuned efficiency. Aseptic filling is done within purpose-built machines that maximize product volumes, while decreasing contamination risk and human variables. For added security, AbbVie experts then undertake rigorous analytical screening and quality control. Through this, customers gain access to the world’s most advanced syringe manufacturing processes, people and facilities, with a global network geared towards security of supply.


AbbVie Contract Manufacturing offers a continuous workflow for a range of prefilled syringes, packaging and supply options, including:

  • Disposable syringe manufacturing
  • Safety syringes
  • Sterile injectables
  • Prefilled syringe packaging


With the use of sophisticated fill finish techniques and equipment – including Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS) technology – AbbVie Contract Manufacturing brings total efficiency to the full syringe manufacturing workflow. Our competitive advantage comes through a combination of people, processes and tools, including:

  • An aseptic filling suite utilizing RABS technology
  • Filler utilizing peristaltic pump technology
  • Fill volumes from 0.4 mL – 8 mL (in BD Hypak or equivalent type syringe utilizing the SCF Format)
  • 100% visual inspection
  • Compatible with closures packaged in rapid transfer port system
  • Cold chain warehousing
  • On-site microbial laboratory, chemistry and testing


Injector Assembly

  • Packaging engineering experts on-site
  • Fully automated auto injector assembly
  • 100% visual and automated inspection during syringe manufacturing
  • Labeling and cartoning of auto-injectors

Syringe Packaging

  • Fully automatic assembly for plunger and finger grips
  • Labeling of individual syringes
  • Blister packaging and cartoning for individual syringes
  • 100% visual and automated inspection