AbbVie Contract Manufacturing – 12-Time CMO Leadership Award Winner

Wins in all 6 core categories and champions in 5


AbbVie Contract Manufacturing has been recognized for a 12th year with CDMO Leadership Awards from Outsourced Pharma and Life Science Leader, based on industry research and customer surveys. These include wins in all six core evaluation categories of Expertise, Quality, Reliability, Capabilities, Service, and Compatibility, plus distinction with five Champion rankings. 

CDMO Leadership Awards recognize those CDMOs that meet or exceed their customers’ expectations – whether Big Pharma, Small Pharma, or both. Champion designation means AbbVie scored one standard deviation or more above the weighted average in a core category, a testament to excellence.

“The CDMO Leadership Awards are hugely significant for our industry as they reflect how our current clients rank us against our peers,” says Stephen Muldoon Senior Vice President Manufacturing Engineering & Contracting at AbbVie. “To once again be recognized in all six awards categories by all three groups of survey respondents, while also earning highly regarded Champion status in key areas, shows that AbbVie Contract Manufacturing is perceived to provide the highest standards in quality, compliance, safety, and performance – both for our partners and their patients.”

To determine the award recipients, Outsourced Pharma and Life Science Leader teamed up with Industry Standard Research (ISR) to survey customers of 98 contract manufacturers by 23 performance metrics. Respondents were classified as Big Pharma, Small Pharma, and Overall (combined Big and Small Pharma) and were limited to only evaluating CDMOs they had worked with directly during the past 18 months. Winners in the core award categories were judged by their customers as ‘exceeding expectations’ or ‘top performers’.

“Congratulations to our 2024 CDMO Leadership Award winners. By vote of your customers, you are recognized as the best in the global outsourcing development and manufacturing sector of the biopharma industry,” says Louis Garguilo, Chief Editor and Conference Chair, Outsourced Pharma. “Award winners maintained and expanded capabilities and expertise to meet the needs of a diverse customer base; provided the additional quality and reliability so crucial to novel processes and products; and forged the closest relationships with customers. 2023 rang in with many unsettled questions. The 2024 CDMO Leadership Award winners are the support companies that best answered the bell over the past year.”

AbbVie Contract Manufacturing is a proud recipient of the following 2024 CDMO Leadership Awards, with those in bold indicating achievement of Champion status among those respondent groups:

  • Capabilities (Overall, Big Pharma, Small Pharma)
  • Compatibility (Overall, Big Pharma, Small Pharma)

  • Expertise (Overall, Big Pharma, Small Pharma)

  • Quality (Overall, Big Pharma, Small Pharma)

  • Reliability (Overall, Big Pharma, Small Pharma)

  • Service (Overall, Big Pharma, Small Pharma)

Kate Hammeke, Vice President, Industry Standard Research, added, “Industry Standard Research is proud to be a part of the CDMO Leadership Awards. ISR’s research methodology ensures that the people who participate in the contract manufacturing benchmarking market research are highly qualified decision-makers with first-hand experience working with the suppliers they evaluate. These awards are based on experiential feedback and enable users of ISR’s market research to make data-driven decisions with respect to choosing an outsourcing partner. It also means the winners of these awards have been delivering the highest quality of service according to their current and recent customers and are deserving of these accolades for their distinction.”

For more than 40 years, AbbVie Contract Manufacturing has provided high quality services to a broad range of outsourcing partners, leveraging its scientific expertise, operational excellence, and best-in-class global facilities. Its offering continues to grow and now encompasses antibody drug conjugates, biologics, eye care, aseptic fill finish, oral solid dose and topical, microbial fermentation, hot melt extrusion, and custom active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

The CDMO Leadership Awards ceremony will be held March 20, 2024. 


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